Schindler’s List

Written By: Thomas Keneally

Screenplay By: Steven Zaillian

Director: Steven Spielberg

Staring: Liam Neeson,  Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes

Release Year: 1993

The Story of Schindler’s List list is actually based on a book written by Thomas Keneally in 1982 titled Schindler’s Ark.  Both the book and the movie are about a gentleman by the name of Oskar Schindler that is in high standing with the Nazi party.  Then later ended up being a hero to over 1000 Jewish citizens.

During the war and the raids on small German towns to rid the area of every Jewish person that resided in the area, Oskar sees and watches a little girl in red that soon changed his whole outcome of who and what he was to do.  He began his quest in saving as many Jewish people and families as he possibly could.

He used his Nazi power to persuade the Nazi leaders to give him and/or even sell him some of the Jewish prisoners to operate a factory to make pots.  His goal was to get as many as he could before they ended up at concentration camps in Auschwitz where they would be tortured and finally killed.  He would tell the inspectors that he needed the small children because they had the small fingers to get in to the crevasses of the pots to clean and polish.

Finally he was confronted by his most reliable companion, Itzhak Stern, who maintained the roster of names and people.  As a simple thank you to Oskar the 1200 Jews got all the gold that they could muster up and made a ring to present to Oskar Schindler as a present to say thank you.  With all the money that Oskar had it wasn’t enough to save as many as he wanted to save.  His grief began to get the best of him as he was looking at things that he wore on a regular basis that could have purchased just one more person and all the money that was wasted that he could have used to get just one more.

After the war was over they had been notified that the war had ended and that they were all free to go.  Today there are more than six thousand Jewish that are the direct descendants of the over twelve hundred Jewish people that were saved by Oskar Schindler.

The film was presented in chronological order of events because it took him seeing a little girl wondering aimlessly through the chaos to only find her jacket at the burn site later on.  It is at that moment that he decides to save as many Jews as he can with the power that he had.

The film being shot in the black and white setting was to show and give the effect that the movie was shot during the 1940’s era.  The era in witch not many color television and cameras were designed.  The creation and development of the characters was based on events and design of the times.  The attitude that was portrayed by many of the actors was to show the harshness and cruelty of how the Nazi members acted and the fear of the people as the Jews were trying to hide in every way possible.  The movie was designed to tell not only a story but to show history of events that truly happened during the Holocaust of WWII.


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